Quenepas 2014 now in season!

Welcome first time users! May God allows, our expected harvest days are: Sept 1, 7, 14, 21 and 28th, 2014. Be sure to follow Q&A and Harvest pages for continuous updates. It is better if you register for Free, so you can receive other important updates via e-Mail. Enjoy your quenepas :-)
quenepas3 Lbs bag—First time buyer? Taste them, you’ll come back for more and probably for a larger bag. Try this small pack to see if Priority mail works for you. Ship & Hand $13.95
Price: $28.75

quenepas6 Lbs bag—Ideal for those singles who like to eat fairly amount of quenepas in about 2-3 days. Shipping & Handling $15.95
Price: $44.95

 quenepas8 Lbs bag—Good for families of 2-3 adults who really like quenepas. Share with your friends. Shipping & Handling $18.50
Price: $57.95

quenepas10 Lbs bag—This is for when 8 Lbs is not enough and the most sold of all. Save on shipping! Shipping & Handling $20.45
Price: $69.95