Quenepas 2016 soon in season!

Welcome first & old time users! Good things happen for those who wait. Quenepas 2016’s season is here! Before sending us E-mail, please check our  Harvest Updates and FAQ pages for the latest news, as most answers are found here.
quenepas3 Lbs bag—First time buyer? Taste them, you’ll come back for more and probably for a larger bag. Try this small pack to see if Priority mail works for you. Ship & Hand $13.95
Price: $28.75

quenepas6 Lbs bag—Ideal for those singles who like to eat fairly amount of quenepas in about 2-3 days. Shipping & Handling $15.95
Price: $44.95

 quenepas8 Lbs bag—Good for families of 2-3 adults who really like quenepas. Share with your friends. Shipping & Handling $18.50
Price: $57.95

quenepas10 Lbs bag—This is for when 8 Lbs is not enough and the most sold of all. Save on shipping! Shipping & Handling $20.45
Price: $69.95